Web Development

Eric Hogue on March 26th, 2018

I think one of my biggest weakness as a developer is that I rarely ask for help. Many times, I have spent hours trying to figure out a problem when all I needed to do was ask someone. I started my career being the only developers of a small company. Back then, I had not […]

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Eric Hogue on May 3rd, 2011

According to Wikipedia, continuous integration implements continuous processes of applying quality control — small pieces of effort, applied frequently. In simple terms, you verify that your project meets the quality standards frequently. This way, you can catch any deviation early. Doing the integration in small increments makes it easier. Implementing a continuous integration server can […]

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Eric Hogue on March 30th, 2011

When developing web applications, we often run into performance issues. People often blame PHP or MySQL for bad performance, but in most case the answer is not that easy. Blindly trying to optimize random parts of our applications can lead to some uneven results. There are many available tools to profile a PHP application. Learning […]

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