Eric Hogue on January 13th, 2011

Wednesday, the date and the line up for Day Camp For Developers 2 (DC4D) was announced. I immediately bought my ticket and I wish to convince you to do the same.

What’s DC4D?

DC4D is an online conference aimed at helping developers in their career. During the conference, the speakers won’t talk about code. The sessions are about how a developer can improve his career. The first event was about soft skills. And it was great. It had talks about open sourcing our career, technical writing, writing better resume, managing our career and being an architect.

It was an inspiring day, and I ended up many great ideas. This is the day where I decided to finally start a blog. It took me a few months to actually do it, but that’s another story.

The second event will be held on March 5th, and it will talk about telecommuting.

Why Should I Attempt?

If you are a developer, this event is for you. The talks are tailored for an audience of programmers. Since there is no code involved, the programming languages you use are not important.

For 35$ you get 5 inspiring talks. Even better, you can download the videos after the event and watch as whenever and has many time has you want. This time, there is even a ‘Office Party’ ticket that you can buy for 100$ if you want to watch it with colleagues or friends.

Another great thing about DC4D, is the IRC room. Usually, conferences are a great place to meet new peoples. In an online conference you loose some part of this, but the chat room made up for it. Throughout the day, it was filled with great comment about the subjects discussed by the speakers. Some of the speakers event came in the chat room after their talk.

But I can’t telecommute

I have the same problem. My employer don’t like telecommuting. He accepts it once or twice a year but he made it pretty clear that he doesn’t like this. I still think this event is a must. First they will give ideas on how to convince your employer that it can make sense for him to allow developers to work from outside the office.

Also, you probably won’t work for the same employer for the rest of your life. Your next job might be in a year or ten, but they might be more open to the idea. So if you are already prepared it will make it easier for you to convince them.

What Are You Waiting For?

Go ahead, buy your ticket. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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