My First Blog Post


Welcome to my new blog. I intend on using this blog to write about various subjects that should be of interest for developers. I should blog about things I learn while developing at work or on my personal projects. I might also write about the life and career of a developer.

Why Am I Staring This Blog?

Last November I attended Day Camp For Developers hosted by Cal Evans. During the first 2 sessions, Lorna Jane and Elizabeth Naramore gave some pretty convincing talks about how good blogging his and how important it is.

On that day I decided it was about time I started my own blog. But work have been crazy for the last 3 months and with all the overtime I kept postponing it. With the new year, I decided that starting and maintaining a blog would be one of my top priorities. But again I was not doing anything about it. Then yesterday, I saw this post from Lorna Jone and I decided that if I waited after the rush, I was never going to do it. So here it is, I’m starting my blog.

I want to use it has a way to keep track of things I learn. Forcing myself to put what I know in writing should force me to push a little deeper and research more. Also, since it is public, I might get comments that will correct any mistakes I might makes or add more information on the subjects I will discuss. And if what I will write helps someone else, it even better.

It should also improve my writing even if English is not my primary language.

Where Do I Go From Here?
This is the hardest part. Now the I have the blog, I have to make sure I write on it. I already have a few ideas for future posts, but I have to be disciplined and take the time to write them. I also have to get in the habit of noting any idea I get so I can come back to it later and blog about it.